And, LSU down 17 zip in 3rd quarter

And if I’m not mistaken, quite a few empty seats in death valley. So, Auburn looks good, Alabama looks good, Georgia looks good, and then there are the rest of us.

to a team that beat NMSU 27-24.

LSU had to replace Les Miles with someone who could get it done.

Maybe they should call the Mad Hatter up and beg him to return…

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Orgeron got that job basically because he speaks fluent Cajun. He has shown no indication whatsoever at Ole Miss or LSU that he can handle being an actual head coach. Interim coach, yes, but when he gets the real job, crash and burn.

Oh yeah, it’s 24-7 now.

24 - 14. Down 10 with 5.55 left in the 4th quarter.
Coach O will take some serious heat from those cajuns after this game. He has had a tough time in Head Coach position.
He is a good defensive coordinator and could be on the market in the future.

Troy takes down LSU 24-21. I was so happy to see the Tigers hire Coach O. He is in over his head.

The stands are pretty empty at the end. Wow!

Winning decisively today was a better win than most will give us credit for. NMSU has played a pretty good schedule, and they have either won or been in every game to the wire with a chance to win until today.

LSU fans are front runners. They will quit on that team in a minute. There were not 5,000-10,000 fans left in a 100,000 seat stadium with 7:30 left. LSU came back and had a chance to win, but nobody would have seen it. This happens often with them. I don’t want to hear how tough it is to win at night in Baton Rouge. They are not any better than we are.

Troy’s official Twitter feed thanked LSU for inviting them down for homecoming. Nothing like rubbing a little salt in the wound…

Now Coach “O’s” name can get added to the hot seat list. LSU 3-2. I don’t see them beating Bama, Auburn or our Hogs.
LSU has some problems just like the hogs. We can score against them!
How much did LSU pay Troy to come down and give them that Loss?
LSU turned the ball over I think 3 times.

$1,000,000.00 bucks

They are better than us on paper though.

Like Miles, it appears that we may hope that Ed O is there for awhile. Clearly, his head coaching ability isn’t as solid as his defensive coordinator skills. (Pretty sure USC-W agrees.)

My concern is down the road. Ed O is a terrific recruiter. If the next LSU coach is able to harness what he leaves, that program will certainly flourish; again.

I watched most of that game & kept expecting LSU to come back & win. The fact that they almost did tells me they would probably beat Troy 9 times in a row if they played them another 9 times this season. But it’s one game & Troy was clearly the better team last night. They kept making plays. I suspect had there been one more quarter, LSU would’ve won, but that’s not how it works. Troy deserved the win.

Personally, I hope LSU quits. That is often their pattern. They will lose to Auburn & Bama. I am perfectly happy to face an LSU team that no longer gives a damn. That was a game I’d penciled in as a loss. Now it’s one I think we can win.