And Liberty loses to UConn

Yep, that power house UConn.

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Good Lord!!!

Liberty came back, but I watched often in the first half and they were getting their tookus kicked. Hugh baby called it a trap game and fulfilled it. Still say if we had Liberty’s NT and they had ours then we would have romped by about 3 touchdowns in Fayetteville. UConn not impressive.

They may have lost to Connecticut, but they whipped us. I bet all those commuters to New York are happy.

Frank Broyles, new what he was doing when he got the opportunity to join the SEC.
As the Athletic Director he new it would be a huge win in revenue for the University and that has come to fruition.
Most sports we can field a competitive team year in and year out.
Football has been the outlier and if you doubt that just look it up and tell me I’m wrong.
I believe Frank knew full well this would be the case of football, but knew it was the best financial future for the entire Athletic Program.
We may have a handful of above average football seasons over a 20 year period, but being part of the SEC would be worth it.
Talent wise the State of Arkansas doesn’t produce anywhere near the number of D1 talent in football as most if not all of the other States represented in the SEC. Therefore, our talent is always at or near the bottom of the conference. Basically, we have the talent level of a very good Mid-Major program, but have the the financial benefit of being a member of the SEC and that’s what Frank Broyles new would be the case IMO.

2021-22 USA Today Network SEC Overall All-Sports Standings

1. Tennessee
2. Florida
3. Arkansas
4. LSU
5. Alabama
6. Georgia
7. Texas A&M
8. Kentucky
9. Auburn
10. Ole Miss
11. South Carolina
12. Vanderbilt
13. Mississippi State
14. Missouri

Men: 1. Tennessee 2. Florida 3. Texas A&M 4. Arkansas 5. Georgia 6. Kentucky 7. Auburn 8. Alabama 9. LSU 10. Mississippi 11. South Carolina 12. Mississippi State 13. Vanderbilt 14. Missouri.

Women: 1. Florida 2. Tennessee 3. Mississippi 4. LSU 5. Arkansas 6. Alabama 7. Kentucky 8. Auburn 9. Georgia 10. South Carolina 11. Texas A&M 12. Vanderbilt 13. Mississippi State 14. Missouri.

The line was Liberty -14.5. One of the easiest bets of the weekend. You had to know LU would have a letdown this week and getting over 2 touchdowns on UConn was just easy money. Well, almost as easy as LSU -2.5 when it opened (or so it seemed).

I’m not a good gambler and don’t bet a large amount, but man, I’m glad I jumped on both of these. Although, I would have gladly taken the loss of the few bucks I bet on the Hogs game

Yes, the decision to join the SEC has benefited the schools other sports. Sports that most of the other SEC schools really don’t care about. Arkansas is good in women’s sports like soccer and softball. Arkansas men are good in basketball and baseball they would say. Next, they would say who cares. Football is King. Football pays for Athletic Programs budgets. But hey. I get it. A fat check from the Conference more than compensates for our schools sacrifice of competitiveness on the football field. Is our dignity and pride and the upper level SEC teams using us to give their scout team a good workout worth those billions? You bet it is!

Where else would we play besides the SEC?

The Falwellians soared to new heights, then flamed out. Happens all the time. Very tough to maintain that level of energy, emotion and intensity, week after week. And it also now appears obvious, that we have some issues with our Offensive line. A team that has O-line problems, is suseptible to losing to just about anybody.

Don’t think we dominated the SWC either… We have had a few good seasons but rarely in the last few decades have we really been top tier in the conference or the nation. It’s happened yes, but to expect it every year is not realistic. So, we can be Auburn and go through the coaching carousel every 3 years and nothing will change except the buyouts will be much larger. JMHO