And just like that, Missouri beats Bama

Just when I was feeling good about Wednesday’s game, Missouri gets a lift. Oh boy, our guys better bring their best game.

It’s about the norm. Missouri will shoot 50% from 3! Our hogs will take more 3 point shots in the game than free throws. We will play like the bad news bears for 35 or 36 minutes and try to win it with a comeback in last few minutes.

Most teams in the country now attempt more treys than FTs. Including the #1 team in the country, which has tried 126 more treys than FTs.

If Mizzou plays as well against us as they did today we will have a long night. I still believe this team is better than we have shown recently, but they need to play a complete game soon like they played the first 8 minutes today. We look lost at times and I know this is frustrating for everyone from the coach to the fans and all in between. This will be a tough fix for Muss as there are multiple issues to resolve it seems. WPS

Muss selected the portal guys he brought in. It is his job to fix what isn’t working the way he thought it would.

I’m not sure he can fix shooting ability, size and ability to drive. This only gets uglier against LSU, Tenn, etc.

He can fix turnovers. It’s where I’d focus if I were him.

Then by ALL means Muss, fix them!

F A C T S …One night Notae scores 31.
Before that Umude & Toney have big nights.
Before that, someone else.
Most hawg fans agree the problem is not talent, it’s there. SEC capability talent.
SOMEBODY coached them through and to an elite eight status just last year.
We supposedly have great asst.coaches.
The basic hard-nosed facts concerning the players…
(4)lack of discipline
(5) being over focussed on the 4 m’s — Mirror(me) Money Media which reverts back to maturity or the lack there of.

Not accusing or blaming any players for #1 through 5, just suggesting possibilities that need to be addressed if applicable.

Drugs/alcohol? That’s an awfully broad brush you’re painting with.


oh excuse me, are drugs/alcohol not available to college students anymore? GUESS I’m out of your particular loop. so sorry.
No. wait a minute. I don’t owe you an apology unless of course your attempting to defend a subject that neither I nor you (unless you’re a medical physician) are licensed to do.

Insecurity showing up as selfishness.

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