And Joseph Pinion

We were bullied by bigs all season - TB wouldn’t have helped much against the bulk of the SEC. The twins have played well against inferior competition, but have not fared too well against quality bigs. These guys are unicorns, kind of like interior SEC Defensive linemen.

Really? A fifth grade comeback is all you can manage?

No, I just have no desire to demonstrate my ignorance, I’m not a coach, never will be. You aren’t either but you don’t mind making yourself look really clueless. I’m going to correct one mistake on my part now.

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You make a good point. He did handled it a lot in HS, but this is entirely different. I don’t know how the three non playing freshman feel about returning, but I’m sure not all three will return. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Pinion exits.


you go do whatever :roll_eyes:

ur arrogant and condescending, and not nearly as smart as u think you r

actually I’m leaving this board for good, so u can have ur little message board back, and continue to snarkily flex on anyone u deem less knowledgeable about college basketball, ‘o superior one :joy::joy::joy:


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My name could be clueless after interjecting these words on this post tonight. However, I remain a CEM fan and an avid Razorback supporter throughout my 74 year old life. I do believe that the team played well with a good plan against Alabama. But, I was discouraged watching the Tennessee game. It was like being out in the field trying to fix a broken tractor with a hammer, a screw driver, and a pair of pliers. Getting the feeling that you were beating your head against a wall but too stubborn to take time out and walk to the house and get the OTHER TOOLS out of your box and use them to fix the problem…I guess I wish this silly game was that simple…

Yep, if’n they had just had duct tape and baling wire . . . . . .

Well, I thought that we managed to handle the biggie on the Kentucky roster pretty well. Hope to see a repeat on Saturday!

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Uh, the twins completely neutralized last year’s player of the year…a big.
Don’t know why they were a no show last night, but they get to play the same cat again Saturday.

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Gol durn, wish I’d a-thought of that! :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You win. You got it posted first.:laughing:
Great minds…
I will totally forgive the twins for last night if we bone the Jellycats again Saturday…and they are backing into The Bud after a home loss tonite at Rump to Vandy.

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So if the best players play and there defense was crap what makes you believe the other guys would’ve played better?

Guys are generally backups for a reason.

Coach tried a couple of those guys last night and it was worse than the starters ….

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Yes he would’ve made it a complete 40 point loss than kills any ncaa shot.

You don’t play guys just bc you want to.

Pinion doesn’t fit the profile of a Muss guard. At his size, he has trouble guarding 1 or 2 or 3. It is going to be difficult for him to find regular minutes unless Muss changes his scheme.

What went wrong last night? They had better interior players and older guards.

We just got killed on the low post and in rebounding.

We don’t have the talented size when challenged down low. That is why we foul a great deal. Twins did play well vs Oscar T but his season has been kind of a disappointment this year.

How to fix it? Too late this year. You gotta dance with the girl you bring this year. The one thing I think we will see is a quicker hook and interchanging Walsh twins graham and Johnson to try to establish something down low.

We play better if twins are on. Struggle when not.

Ford may be a good pg but he is several inches shorter than black and no where as quick or as talented as black. Reason he is too 10-15 in nba.

Pinion can develop into a dusty Hannah’s type but he is gonna have to work on his defense. Teams switch to him bc he is a step slower.

This team can make elite 8 or lose in first round on NIT. True jekyl Hyde

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Thing is, you play Pinion more, the ball will still be in the hands of many of the same guards. Pinion, right now anyway, isn’t a guy who you throw the ball to and expect him to make something happen off the bounce. He’s reliant on others – and his own running of the floor – for looks.

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Agree, Scottie. Pinion wouldn’t have changed a single thing last night.
We made 8 3’s. The 3 ball was the least of our worries.
The lack of toughness was what was jarring to me.
Maybe it was the whistles last night, I dunno, but we really need to dominate Saturday…especially after KY had their own stinker tonight at Rump.

Pinion needs to get in the weight room and add strength! His shot is pretty but his defense has to improve! Work in progress.

It is not about strength. He lacks foot speed to cover athletic guards. That is never going to change,


Agree. Pinion is certainly strong enough, but he does not have lateral quickness.
That said, I hope he stays. Pinion can help us by providing quality
depth and shooting. Muss can not continue to turn the roster over every year and expect to be successful. It is not sustainable…you have to develop some of the players you sign in college basketball.
I can’t wait for “one and done” to be over.
Dunning and Ford could still help us going forward too. Just look at what Desi is doing for K-State.

Funny thing, Kansas offered Pinion.

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