And Jeff Long wants more donations??

Last year was my 42 year of giving to the foundation. I have had season BB tickets for 34 years.

Im sorry to say this but when I getting calls, emails and mail to make my pledge for BASKERBALL season is over is crazy.

I have sat 5 rows from the court, right by Terry and Elton Mercer, Mik’e secretary. Just broke my heart when I couldn’t find somebody to split them.

And Jeff wants ticket money and pledges. I gave 1000 bucks the first few years for FB, back in the 70’s… Then 400 per seat for BB. NOT counting games. I made 4 games last year due to health reasons. MY other half made 1, ONE.

Can anybody justify or afford that? We I decided it was time to STOP.

Maybe we can turn this around but I was just embarrassed!

I told my son and Brenda’s son the ONLY thing I hate is to get EMBARRASSED on national TV. I don’t tell people that very often but I don;t care how big the game is I expect better results that today.

Your donations just don’t matte anymore. Nor do mine. Not in the mind of the AD. I buy “season tickets” every year from a reseller in Las Vegas. They buy up large blocks of seats and sell them for a premium. And there are plenty of customers like me that will buy them.