And in the defense-optional Little Dozen

Mobilehoma scored in four plays.
Mobilehoma Lite scored in four plays.
Clips took all of seven plays to score again.
There hasn’t even been a third down yet.

Big 12 is not known for defense, it’s an air raid league, they wouldn’t score like that against the likes of top tier SEC teams or teams like Clemson and Michigan.
The Big 12 is a glorified version of Texas High School Football and that’s about all I have to say about that.
Notice, I didn’t say that Arkansas would beat the better teams in the Big 12 because at this time they would score as many points as they wanted on our defense.
We are horrible, but hopefully that gets fixed in the next few recruiting classes.

Go Hogs!

Now 24-21 Clips early second quarter. Still hasn’t been a punt or a turnover, but OU did convert a fourth down and kick a field goal on their third possession, and OSU converted two third downs on their second possession.

OU would be about 5-4 in the SEC West instead of 8-1.

Lets be realistic swine. Other than Alabama nobody else in the west would stop Oklahomas offense, and nobody else other than Alabama has the offense to keep up with OU. UGA was the second best team in the country last year and could not stop OU’s offense.

That OU defense was better than this one and couldn’t stop Georgia either. LSU would stop them enough. A&M would. Certainly Bama. You’d have to guess at who they’d play from the East but UK or Georgia certainly could.

OU is the second best team in the West and it’s not really close. Defense notwithstanding. Murray is a transcendent player. All because of him. And about the odd Big 12/Texas HS football comment, well, you are about to get a slew of Texas high school guys playing for the Razorbacks in a system many Texas HS teams use. So should we reevaluate the Morris hire and that recruiting strategy? What is the alternative?

And, by the way, defense has been pretty “optional” in Fayetteville for years.

Lite actually got two straight stops (a fourth down and a punt) and now leads 35-34.

41-41 (Lite missed an extra point) but Pokes just got another stop and have the ball back with 8:38 left in the game. Don’t score too quickly…

Lite fumbles by to OU. Still time for anything to happen.

OSU fumbled, OU drove down to take a 48-41 lead, OSU drove back and scored on 4th and 12, but failed on the 2-point conversion to take the lead. 48-47, onside kick coming up.

OU has 697 offensive yards, OSU has 640.