And in that other football

South Carolina leads the Hogs 1-0 at halftime in the SEC tournament final. Hogs have had numerous corner kicks but unable to convert any of them. Chickens tried a long cross that fell to one of their girls about 8 yards out and she put it into the net.

But those Chelsea boys on the other hand…

Stefani Doyle had a wide open header with 22 minutes left and couldn’t keep it under the crossbar. Meanwhile the Poultry goalkeeper went absolutely ballistic about something on that play, got a yellow card for yelling at the referee, and just kept yelling, She almost got herself tossed,.


And the goalie just went off again, after SHE initiated contact in the box

Playing well. Need defender help though.

Start a thread about the Russian national team somewhere else, pal.

Girls have been a touch off today. Effort has been fine, but many times a pass that should be routine gets shanked or misplayed. Doyle should have buried that header. That kind of game often gets you beat.

NCAA bids come out tomorrow afternoon. We’ll have three possible home games as a #2 seed almost certainly, but won’t have the fourth that comes with a #1 seed. I suspect the Poultry will also be a 2 seed.

UNC beat #1 Virginia in double overtime in the ACC tournament final.

UNC still has only one loss, and it happened at Razorback Field.

I don’t know if we have a shot at #1 seed, but this doesn’t hurt.