And in other portal news

Okie Lite QB Spencer Sanders has announced he’s going to play for the Flopnecks next year. Sanders has more than 9500 career passing yards. OM is returning their starter, Jaxson Dart, which will make for an interesting spring practice, and Kiffin also brought in another portal QB, Walker Howard from LSU.

Question on portal, no one can enter in the portal after midnight last night right? I keep seeing ON3 tweet about people entering the portal today. Don’t get it.

It closed at midnight, but I’m sure On3 is posting what it gets on new entries as if it happened today.

Just saw that schools have 48 hours to update the actual portal after a kid enters, so we may not get word on some people until tomorrow.

The Athletic had this look at the portal numbers today. Among key findings:

  • More than 1,500 FBS players entered the portal; once you remove people who backed out of the portal or entered the NFL draft, the total is 1,496.
  • 64 percent of FBS transfers have found a new school, and 72 percent from the Power 5. Which of course leaves several hundred still looking.
  • 75 percent of the guys in the portal are not graduate transfers. Of course grad transfers can enter at any time; last night’s cutoff does not affect them.
  • Of the Power 5 guys who have already found a new school, only 39% landed at another Power 5 school (hello, Malik Hornsby).

Thanks Swine!

Lane definitely won the war for portal QB signing. 4 yr OK ST starter and the heir to the LSU QB throne

He likely won’t have all three guys once the portal re-opens in May. I don’t think the new second-time transfer rules go into effect until the fall, so there will likely be one more great migration in May when all these guys realize that if they wait until the fall to transfer again they will probably have to sit a year.

I think the Okie Lite guy is a grad transfer so he’s free to pick up stakes again if he loses out in the spring.

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