And in one of those weird coincidences

The day we take Dan Enos away from Maryland, there’s a letter in my snailmailbox from the Maryland Department of Health; MD is one of the 19 states where I’m currently licensed to work, although I’ve never actually worked there. And I’ve never gotten a letter from them before either.

Go figure??!!

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Is that their sneaky way of recruiting you to be their new OC :smile:?

I don’t think so, Bob. Maybe they want Satch as a TE though.

Looking back in my license folder, they did mail me my license when it was approved back in June, so I have gotten mail from them before. And it’s not due for renewal until this June, so that ain’t it. :man_shrugging: Guess I’ll have to open the envelope and find out.

It was raining all day on Tuesday, Satch was inside all day with unspent energy except for 4 times I let him outside for a few minutes, and he used that fuel to catch squirrels the first 3 times out and downed them whole, the last being at night in the dark, then the 4th time he must have been full so he merely brought the squirrel in the house to show me.

I am rethinking this TE deal. Although he is a Labrador Retriever, I am no longer thinking receiver. He looks like more of a DE prospect. Fast and determined with a killer instinct. And he would fit in well in a conference where they slit throats and drink blood, as was famously said.

Might be a problem with penalties, though.


Satch could definitely get to the passer and probably bat down some throws as well. Interceptions would have to be with his mouth though (can you make a football move with the ball in your mouth?).

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Mr. Bojangles just chased another squirrel up one of the live Oaks in our central FL RV resort. He reminds me of our former QB who had blazing speed but couldn’t finish the deal. Probably a good deal since Mr. Bojangles is not much bigger than these squirrels. They would eat his lunch.


My dog too, Danny. The only time Hudson ever barks is at squirrels in my back yard, and the fat little suckers are bigger than he is. :smiley:

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Just opened the letter. No they don’t want me to be the next OC in Turtleland.

Mr. Bojangles loves chasing geese too. Yesterday he ran into the middle of a big flock. They flew about 20 yards landing in a pond. Then they honked at him like Nannie Nannie Boo Boo you can’t get me. Mr. Bojangles was strutting around like a stud. A goose would eat his lunch too!

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Was it in regard to Camp Lejeune or your car’s extended warranty?

Dang Jeff. You wouldn’t like College Park either.

No those all show up in my email box. And I actually live 50 miles from Camp Lejeune and drove past it frequently last winter when I was working in New Bern (birthplace of Pepsi). Never drank their water though. A lot of my patients in New Bern were retired Marines, and at least one of them came down with cancer while I was treating him.

Colt’s current record is

squirrel 1, dead
skunk_1f9a8 2, both dead
coyote 1, lived


Satch could definitely be a great defensive player. You know, the old way of praising a defensive lineman or linebacker, “he gets there fast and arrives with a bad attitude”.

I don’t know if the ability to get interceptions is a prime requirement for a defensive end. Not many do. I’ve seen Julius Peppers do it, bat the ball up on an attempted pass and then snatch it out of midair, but that’s Julius Peppers. I have seen Satch catch a ball accidentally thrown hard right at him, but it was smaller than a football.

As for a dog making a football move with a ball in his mouth, have you ever tried to tackle a zigzagging dog who has something in his mouth he doesn’t want you to get to?

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Yes. I had a white boxer, very hyper in her younger days (but not as hyper as Satch) and getting something out of her mouth was a chore.

JJ Watt is/was very good about interceptions on the DL.

Julius Peppers may be the best athlete I ever saw at UNC. And this is at a school that had Lawrence Taylor, Mia Hamm, and Michael Jordan. He not only was the best player on the football team, he was one of the best players on the basketball team. And the most athletic on both. By far. Ever seen a guy dunk on a pass thrown from half court? In the game where UNC got knocked out of the NCAA Tourney he was the leading scorer.

J.J. Watt? Who’s he? He had no stars coming out of high school, had to walk on, so he couldn’t be any good. You think I’ve learned nothing from reading this Board? Seriously, you’re right, and he’s amazing.

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