And in NWA -- LadyBacks have great crowd!

Am reading article in WholeHog about the gym meet last night where KY nudged out the LadyBacks in the last rotation. Arkansas posted a 196.525 total score. That’s terrific! Bama trounced Georgia, their greatest gymnastics rival, last night with scores of 196.525 vs 194.525. So there is much reason to rejoice over our current ladies team.

Looking at their overall scores, I see that individual scores of 9.8 thru 9.9 proliferated. That is major improvement in our Lady Razorbacks. Very few scores in the 9.6s or 9.7s, which were common in the past. Arkansas has some really nice All-American talent in its program. The program is ramping upwards at a nice pace.

And, NWA is responding–a crowd of 4,983. That’s durn good. Hope Marty attended; pretty sure Clay didn’t. ha

We should be proud of this program, and it’s coach Mark Cook, and encourage more folks to attend these very entertaining events.

It was a very nice crowd. (BTW, it is the Gym’backs, not the LadyBacks. <grin>)

It’s too bad that unless something changes, I won’t be back next year. They have a new policy about the premium seating area. It is now first come, first served. There was no problem last night, because I was able to be there early. I managed to get a good seat and save one for Wright who got there just as the meet started. This year the March 2 home meet is on the same day that Arkansas plays USC in baseball. I won’t leave the baseball game until it is over. I may or may not make it to Barnhill in time to get a good seat.

I have been in contact with Elvis Moya about the issue and I promised to let him know my thoughts after a couple of meets. I do like having a full crowd in that section, but this is not the way to do it. The claim is that some people have been buying tickets to support the program and then not showing up for meets. Well talk to them, don’t kick the rest of us out!

Yeah, sorry about your seating issue. I know you love these events but that they take second place to the baseball program. We have season tickets and we’ve been sitting in the same seats for over 10 years. Thank goodness Bama is not jacking us around, seat-wise. Glad Wright attends these with you; does HoginBA manage to attend as well?

BTW, looking at crowd sizes–Gymbacks nearly 5,000 and that is tremendous. Florida had a sellout crowd of 9,000 and Bama had just over 12,000. Auburn’s crowd was given as just a great crowd. Point is that gymnastics is wonderful entertainment for families and is catching on now across the country. NWA seems to be responding, however slowly. We’ve discussed this before and I guess it’s just marketing.

I know that you and Jan love the gymnastics meets. I agree. HOGinBA no longer comes over for the meets. I kept buying two tickets after he quit coming and Wright now buys my second ticket. Scott and Biccy Hamilton are season ticket holders too. They were there last night. They are not too fond of the new arrangement either.

I really miss attending but since I changed jobs to get off the road, I have to work late on Fridays. I still keep up with the program just not in attendance .