And in Alabama

Matt Self, who oversees the Crimson Tide football program and the compliance department was arrested by Tuscaloosa Police

The University of Alabama’s administrator for the football program, Matt Self, was arrested Sunday by Tuscaloosa police, and changed with third-degree domestic violence.

Police were called to a residence at 12:10 a.m., from where Self, 45, was subsequently transported to the Tuscaloosa County Jail. He was placed on a 24-hour domestic violence hold, with bond was set at $300.

He was not listed in the Tuscaloosa Country database on Monday afternoon.

An Alabama athletics spokesperson told BamaCentral: “Alabama Athletics is aware of this incident. We take such matters seriously and will continue to gather more information to address this personnel matter.”


The University of Alabama. Preparing future felons today!


While I doubt the typical Tide fan gives a darn about anything other than winning to overcome their deserved inferiority complex, but it seems they have a athletic program so flush with excess and no sense of common norms and a mindset of as long as we win, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

This is tricky. No doubt he knows where the skeletons are buried.


In general or the recent basketball incident?

probably both fronts

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I’m not a lawyer, but apparently in Alabama if you beat up a woman you get a day in jail, but if you deliver a gun that is immediately used in a murder of a young female there is nothing with which to charge you. However, I think (though I am not completely sure) that in Mississippi the first mentioned transgression would have also been excused had the perpetrator used the defense “she had it coming.” I’m also not sure if all of the above is applicable if you are not involved with a university athletic program or about to be named the new coach therein.

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While Alabama wants to “show” to be tough on domestic violence against women. But hypocritical when a lady is murdered & and a star Bama athlete is involved delivering the loaded murder weapon. Oh yea wrong place wrong time clause.

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This is sad. Having seen the results of women being assaulted I have no use for men who are guilty. Actually IMHO if a guy beats a woman he is not a man. If this proves to be true he should be punished by the law and Bama. Somehow I doubt that will happen.

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Huh? Oh yeah…right.

Sounds as if he may have buried a few of them himself.