And here's what the NCAA wants from Congress

Will all this eventually causing colleges to drop sports? After all, the basic purpose of a college is education.

I personally do not think a student athlete is an employee. But money will always be a huge power, but I think professional athletes should be players only, not students.

On the surface, I think the synopsis looks good.

That being said, when you think about it a little bit more deeply, it’s mostly about gaining more control over the athletes again.

Now, I think there needs to be some regulation in the NIL process, but there should be better concessions for the athletes in this as well. With this bill, you get to treat them EVEN MORE like employees, but they don’t get to act like one.

Let me just say, I have largely disliked the changes that have been made to college sports in the past decade or so, but fair is fair. This seems like a raw deal to me for the athletes.

Am I wrong?


So the NCAA, a regulatory body, wants Congress to create another regulatory body.

Does anyone else think that’s really strange?



Swine, it clearly reveals the NCAA as the limp noodle we know them to be.

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Creating a federal agency to regulate NIL strikes me as an extremely lame idea for a variety of reasons, It would again wall off college athletes from everyone else in the country when it comes to the ability to freely contract, either individually or via collective bargaining, for compensation for the use of NIL.

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Yep. “Help! We completely botched this, pleeeeeeease bail us out!”

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Just chiming in regarding a subject I am very transparent about and know my preferences are likely neither the majority nor important to other than me, but my reaction on this latest issue is getting to be “I don’t care”. Unfortunately for me with the direction that college athletics are headed, in my opinion, I am not sure that the the “I don’t care” mindset won’t expand further.

I am not saying the pattern of excesses that have enriched coaches, the NCAA and even some Universities is totally equitable, but I think it naive to believe that the growth and popularity of big time college athletics was totally one sided. Monies generated either directly or indirectly have funded training, nutrition and other resources that help develop abilities and even though so many, especially in the higher profile sports don’t seem to place a priority on the academic component, many people are provided an opportunity to develop themselves for lives outside of their sport. Without any research, I suspect the minor sports and especially women’s sports have linkage to the revenues of the revenue producing sports. I know there are many with the thought of just printing money when one runs out, but not sure that is an option here.


As ESPN/Disney slowly inch away from linear cable and toward streaming, viewers’ willingness to foot the bill for college sports will be the most important development since the forward pass.

How many people really, “don’t care?” Depends on how much they charge. I bet we’ll see a big spike in Hulu subscriptions (Disney owned), as I suspect all ESPN content will be there in the future, but will it be enough to fund the growth in athletic budgets?

I guess we’ll see.

Edit: Good article.

I know I won’t be paying 400-500 a month to watch sports. Good luck with that.

Not sure what I’m willing to play to be honest.

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Would be a tax write-off for you, Richard. :joy:

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