And here we go with the refs...

As expected… any chance Arkansas would have refs will make sure that goes away. Already in the penalty at the 10 minute mark. Kentucky only has 3 fouls called on them.

I can’t believe TV Teddy called a travel on KY

Four fouls on the Jellycats, but close enough. On the other hand, UK is not putting enough effort in on defense to foul anyone.

Dude crashing into Gabe outside the circle no foul?

Blu Gafford had 2 before he broke a sweat.
Joe is hot from 3 and Bailey had a nice basket or 2. I’m suprised with their good play so far.
So far TV Teddy has made a few calls out way.

Those yokels from KY sure hate it when a ref makes a correct call…

I think there could have been a conference call with SEC officials about the performance of whistles. Because normally we don’t get calls like that over the back PJ Washington over Joe!
Heck the cats just now have 7 fouls.