And here come the refs...

So much for a neutral court game, with this one sided officiating.

Was just gonna post the same, don’t look or blow at em its a foul

It is absolutely insane… Getting tired of the SEC having either incompetent or corrupt Refs protecting their so called “top teams/Brand”. It’s like the SWC/Texas X 1000.

The one ref that’s been on the baseline near the camera has been killing us. Reversed his call when the ball was out on Kentucky player when Macon was about to be on a fast break, then it was a 50/50 ball that was tipped off of a Kentucky player, kept it on their end. I think it was the same one that issued the tech on Kingsley.

It’s just hard to win in these situations, once we get momentum they blow the whistles or make a huge call against us.

With that said, we’ve blow opportunities. Dusty has been missing wide open 3’s. Moses has just handed them the ball twice. And we’ve carried and traveled right under the basket.

Great post Blu… Agreed on all fronts. Great observations as usual, I certainly enjoy your posts.

Go watch the KY/GA game, you’ll see the same thing. I believe it’s the same crew. The bald guy is absolutely atrocious. He was horrible against GA.

KY is good, doesn’t need help from the officials.

Right on que again. We get momentum refs give Kentucky players the call when they just run widely to the basket.

You should have known we were in trouble when the refs shirts were blue and white stripes.