And from outside the South End Zone

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I drove by the stadium today. The Hog looks great on the South score board. Why is the gap there on the North end zone? Don’t like the look…it looks strange. Why didn’t they take it all the way to meet the east stands?

The outside is beautiful, but the gap is odd. Is that like a place to visit or a plaza? The look of the gap reminds me of the Patriots stadium in Foxboro.

The decision was made to keep that window open for people to be able to see inside the stadium from the outside. It was designed and built in such a way that it can be enclosed if the demand arises in the future.

Most new outdoor stadiums are not a complete bowl anymore, partially for ventilation purposes, from what I have been told. Take a look at the newer outdoor stadiums in the NFL. Most have openings.

Somebody decided that the view into the stadium from the hill on Maple Street was worth preserving. So they preserved it. There is indeed a plaza which can and will be used for standing room; they have a program to get young alums into the stadium by selling them cheap SRO tickets on that plaza, and will also obviously use that for games with more demand than tickets. They could fill that in in the future with more suites, etc., but for now you can still see into the stadium from Maple.

Matt is right about the NFL trend. Ventilation of the grass is aided by the gaps, although the Patriots and Seahawks have turf so the need for ventilation is nonexistent from a grass-growing standpoint.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve been going to Razorback games in Fayetteville since I was a boy…mid 50’s. The changes to Razorback Stadium are just incredible. I remember when kids would slide down the hill on flat cardboard boxes on the north end zone slope. The boxes were like a sled.

Razorback Stadium has had more renovations and alterations than Cher. :lol:

They are going to put a HOG on the back of the scoreboard on the North end aren’t they?

Honest question, JHawg . . . not meant as a criticism - just a legit question. How come you are just now noticing/commenting on this? The subject of “the gap” has been posted about, commented on, explained and debated here dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of times over the last couple of years - and the last 6 months in particular.

Your post read as if you had just awoken from a 2 year nap and had seen the new stadium design for the very first time. However, I looked at your profile and see that you’ve been active here (posting) at least the last few months (did not look back further than that), so I’m wondering - why ask this now?

Oh well . . . so much for my suggestion.

I believe what they’ve done will look “OK” . . . but they could have knocked it out of the park . . .


Yea, I’ve been on a 2 year road trip with Cheech and Chong…just got back home. The smoke cleared and I saw the gap.

I have asked about the gap before…got no answer. I assumed it might be a space for Jeff Long’s bronze statue, but then I heard he was gone.

No offense taken…Does it not look strange? It is not symmetrical.

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The Patriots had natural grass when Gillette Stadium was first built. They had a game against the Jets in 2006 that was a muddy mess. It was so bad that Robert Kraft ordered field turf to be installed before the next game, two weeks later. Crews worked around the clock for 13 days to make the change and their next home game was on turf.

Whew! When I first looked at the picture, and saw that it was taken outside the football center, I was afraid it was being disclosed that the new coach is riding a motorcycle! :slight_smile:


Motorcycle is okay. Blonde on the back and the payroll isn’t.

Yeah, when they drove stakes into the north end zone grass at a slant and nailed boards down for seats, it was a big improvement. Also, in those days you could buy a general admission ticket for the grass for $2. I watched Lance Alworth, Wayne Harris and others from that grass, what a royal bargain.