And big man for Purdue

Breaks his elbow on a rebound. There was our chance.

O well now. bet Butler beats them now.

GOT to have some breaks literally to make a run.

NEVER would have though our 3 guards would be completely dominated.

Barford and Beard were a no show OR just shut down.

WHY were we NOT fired up and ready to play?

Embarrassing. I guess we played hard but I put some blame on out coaching staff.

Gafford should stay now. He sure didn’t help his NBA draft status today…

ANOTHER thing I don’t like Mike he is unwilling to change his staff for the better.

Just the same good old boys. IMO

Let me rephrase what I just posted. I do like Mike, BUT his coaching staff was out coached bad today.

Any reporters will to ask Mike "Were you not embarrassed today?

Next question “Why Mike or have you thought about making some changes on our staff?”

Next question did you study their guards? Nolan once said I don’t even look much at the other team. I only worry about what we do. Anybody remember Nolan saying that?

Mike, do you realize that even the average fan can tell your style tends to leave wide open opponents guards, shooters, whoever to drive the lane or 3 pointers BOOM.

Last Sunday you made the statement of taking almost every day off to get their legs back. Did you practice and simulate the 2 guards that just manhandled your team. It’s like they were unprepared for what was going to happen on Friday afternoon??

Am I the only hog fan embarrassed and think these results are not acceptably? Didn’t say fire the man just would like some answers.

HELP ME OUT HERE hog fans. Anything to add some value to these thoughts?

You are so right. I am sick of this style of basketball and see NO reason why the AD can’t tell Mike changes have to be made in style. Get ready for the same 5-10 posters that brow beat everyone that says ANY thing critical about Anderson. The same 5-10 posters blame the players for all of the problems and NEVER admit that the defense and offense do not work ALL the time in today’s basketball. The same 5-10 are a hair trigger away from an excuse for their sacred cow coach. This blind fanship leads to downward trending program so we better hope the new players are good enough to overcome the weak coaching next year.

There is nobody on this forum that has not criticized the defense this season at some point. The offense was top 20 in efficiency this season. You might want to consider some disagreement might be that you don’t know what you are talking about. And no AD worth his salt is ever going to tell the coach what system to implement. He’s either going to stick with his hire or hire somebody else to do something different.

Wvu wins with this style of play and in a much tougher conference.

I may not know what I am talking about but I can tell you this- I don’t want to be right like you and the apologists. You apologists think you are the ones that are experts and the rest of us are stupid. I have listened to how great Mike is and how this is all on the players for multiple years now. You know I am glad i don’t know what I am talking about compared to the apologists.

Not trying to be rude, just to make a point.

The late great Frank Broyles did it to every coach under him. All the FB coaches. Now when it came to Nolan he pretty much left him alone till the later years.

Now should our AD do something? I think he should have Mike evaluate his plans and strategies.

SO IMO AD’s do this allover the country. Some stay out of the way others don’t.

WINNING dictates what is done.

Can anyone gather these frustrated thoughts and explain them better?

DD, or maybe ColoradoHog1, Matt, Swine, Wizard??

And thanks Hog Treat for speaking up? AND then a reply that no AD looks into this? Wrong

Broyles attempted to get Nolan to change his style after the first couple of trying years. It was idiocy from an AD not performing his AD job competently in that regard. Luckily Nolan was too big a personality to give in. Else, the glory years would never have happened. My understanding is that just about every coach left Arkansas with a bad relationship with Broyles except Nutt, who was a first-class ingratiator. The Sutton crawl comment was aimed at Broyles. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t consider that first-class ADing with regards to coach management.

I am smarter than you because I know that I don’t know for certain why things went well or didn’t go well in a particular game. I rarely blame the players or the coaches for any loss. My comments are usually limited to what we did well and what we didn’t do well. When I do offer contrary strategies that the coach could have used, I do so with the full knowledge that it is with the benefit of hindsight and with incomplete information about what we were trying to accomplish. As such, I feel it is foolish and childish to throw a public tantrum with hypercritical rants. I save those for private.

And, I’m sorry, if a team is top-25 in the nation in Pomeroy offensive efficiency for the season and second in SEC-only play in points per possession in a league with 8 bids, it is factually wrong to claim that the offense is broken. No team, not even the Warriors, avoids a stinker on offense every once in a while. Bad matchups, bad shooting, fatigue, etc. cannot be avoided every game. And I’ve pointed out how bad the defense was in January, as well as the improvement in February.

The Apologists are not going to do anything but blame the players. We are told that no AD tells a coach to make adjustment which is a comical lie or misrepresentation. I have no problem speaking up against the Apologists and their protection of their sacred cow. They literally have said that we are crazy to expect Mike to change.

You literally say you’re smarter- That speaks volumes. I take that as a compliment that you truly feel that way and I view you the way I do. Never mind the fact that our offensive efficiency numbers are skewed by the transition scoring. The problem is that our half court offense is what gets us killed in games against Butler, UT, UF, etc. because those teams take away our transition scoring and force us to be a half court offense. I’m glad you are so much smarter than me, and wear your Mensa hat so well.

You just showed that your specialty is strawman arguments. If you didn’t get the gist of that entire sentence, not just the opening clause, it’s on you. You might want to bone up on your Socrates first.

Treat, I’m gonna throw my 2 cents in here, if you don’t mind. I partially agree/disagree with you. On today’s game,

I blame Mike for not having the team ready. At the beginning of the game our SR’s looked like they were waiting until tomorrow to start playing. I also blame him because we went to a zone, twice, and started making a comeback, he switched back to the man and they just abused us. I have to blame Mike for both the bad start and the bad decisions to get out of the zone.


Go back and watch the game again, Barford, Beard really played like crap. At the beginning of the game Barford stood flat footed while guys ran past him, then he looked at the guys trying to make up for his guy being open, as if it was their fault.

Beard reverted to hero ball, until about 3 mins left and he seemed to come out of his funk, but it was waaaaaay too late.

Gafford was being abused by smaller players, the announcers even brought up a guard pushing him around the block. You can’t blame Mike for that, because I’ve seen Gafford hold his ground against much bigger opponents, he knows how to do it.

I said during the game, some of our players looked like they already decided to try the NBA and didn’t want to hurt their stock in the tournament.

Now at the end of the day, everything that occurs is on the HC, it’s his fault, but to say the players had nothing to do with it, welp it makes those calling you guys “Mike haters” sound like they’re right.

Blame does not lie on ONLY the HC or the players because it is reality that none of this happens in a vacuum. I am frustrated with the apologists that blame everything on the players and won’t even consider saying Mike didn’t do well. I will defend the players against the 100% blame laid on the players by the apologists. Sure there were players that didn’t seem with it today.

I guess what I’m saying is I blame both. But there are guys one here as you said only blame the players, but some of those your supporting only blame Mike, and they only show up after a loss. Unfortunately, we have to listen to them until Nov.

Wait until football season and they realize how many issues we have under Morris because of the scheme change.

Then let’s be a part of the solution. We have to be objective as possible by interacting with the posters that TOTALLY blame players or Mike. If Mike calls for trapping man but the players don’t talk to each other then they all share the failure. It happens all the time that our trapping man is bad against good guards but it is TERRIBLE when our guards don’t play defense with their feet and over commit on traps.

Honestly, I think that’s what PIG was trying to say. He and several others (myself included) are kind of aiming at a particular poster. Unfortunately, yourself and some others took the troll’s side. Yes, no doubt in my mind he is a troll. But I totally get what you’re saying.

Now, as for CMA, staff, and players.

CMA did shake up his staff last year, I personally believe he got rid of the wrong assistant, but the guys bashing Thurman were totally wanting him last year. I would like to see a post guy (Corliss, Joe) that would be willing to be an assistant and teach the inside guys.

As for players, I’ve been the one all year saying that talent trumps experience most of the time in sports. Next year we have more talent coming in, but we lose experience. In my opinion we will be better at this time next year. It’s the early season that may cost us.

There are posters that are vapor to me now (not you). Screw em