And at Waco

Bayluh leads Mobilehoma 10-7 in the third quarter and Spencer Rattler has been unbenched after Caleb Williams threw two really bad interceptions.

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Gerry Bohanon runs it in from 5 yards out and Bayluh now leads 17-7.

As a side note, this is one of those games I would root for a selective meteor strike.

I’m pulling for bayluh. Zero u does not deserve to be undefeated.


Doesn’t matter who the Clips play at QB. Their OL can’t block the Bayluh DL.

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Late 4 th quarter Baylor up 10 and has possession of the ball with under 5 minutes to play! They are in Sooner territory about the 30 yard line! Upset!
Bohannon has played really well!

I’m glad to see the paperclips lose. 14-24 works for me!

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Turns out there was one more play. Bayluh kicked a FG.

Some crybaby Paperclip fan wrote a question on Quora complaining that Cincy was higher ranked than Mobilehoma. Somehow he thought that OU had been beating ranked teams in the Orphan Eight, instead of coming back to beat Kansas in the fourth quarter.

So that question hit my inbox about 20 minutes ago. I said the result in Waco today illustrates why Cincinnati was ranked higher (and winning at Notre Dame is a lot better win than anything the Clips have done).

Lincoln Riley also whined about Baylor calling a TO and kicking a FG at the end

Baylor coach cited Big 12 tiebreakers as his reason

But either way, when you lose, shut the **** up!

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OU and texass lose and The Hogs win The Boot at Red Stick while Muss’s boys dominate. That makes for a very, very good day! Oh yes, Muss gets another big signature. that is so great.

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