And at the Swamp

Too bad, but when I heard Mullins ask the Fla governor for permission to completely fill their stadium because he wanted a real home field advantage like A&M had, I suspected that he wasn’t overly cautious about covid protocols.

Very interesting considering what we all saw in the stands at Kyle Field. Those fans and the band were not socially distanced. Not saying it had anything to do with the teams positives.

Hard to imagine the team catching anything infectious from fans in the stands. I don’t know how far back from the team they were, but I’d think they were far enough removed that the virus could travel from the stands even with yelling & hollering by that many people. However, I don’t know that. It’s possible a bunch of infected people could shed enough virus to get into players who were maybe 5-10 yards away. Never been to Kyle Field. Perhaps the fans are very close behind the bench.

Yea, I don’t think it could have happened at the game. Are the players in a bubble from the students the rest of the time? I could see some of the fans transmitting during that game. Anyway, this makes me worry a little about getting in all ten games. I think they have a couple of bye weeks worked into the schedule, right?

Are the attendance limits at SEC games decided by the conference, agreed to by all schools, or up to each school individually?

Unfair for some schools to have home field advantage with near full stadiums while other schools abide by distancing & are near empty. Obviously aTm did not believe the safety & distancing guidelines applied to them. aTm announced before the season that Kyle field would be limited to 25% capacity or 27,500.

The SEC issued guidelines but it is up to each school to determine limitation on attendance.

I note this on the Aggie section. They don’t really have a cap.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M tweaked its attendance plan on Aug. 19 to reflect that it expects to operate at 25% capacity after initially releasing a plan that estimated 30% capacity. The announcement emphasized the plan is subject to change and that the exact capacity percentage “will be determined based on the number of season ticket holders and student sport pass holders who choose to attend.”

I saw enough of that game to know it was well above 25% capacity although it’s possible a bunch of people who had tickets in upper decks moved to the lower ones. The place looked pretty packed in the lower levels, which of course defeats the purpose of social distancing & limiting capacity.

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Agreed about there being more in attendance than the 25% or 30%.

Also fans did not abide by the 6 feet distancing & masks worn during football games rules at that game as required in TX.

Let’s not forget they are aggies.


Here’s a pic of an Aggie Mask:



Per growing up in Houston & about 1 hour drive from aTm, I feel privileged.

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I was downright pissed when I heard Mullins’ comments. I thought they were irresponsible. And now his team has an outbreak.

I know that even talking about COVID protocols tends to diverge into politics. But it shouldn’t. We ought to be able to discuss how to have football, and maintain a safe environment for those that attend the games. Its not just about the people that go to the game “accepting a risk” concerning their own health. Its the fact that people who don’t follow protocols are accepting the risk that they could catch it and GIVE IT TO SOMEONE VULNERABLE. Like my wife. COVID could kill her as she recovers from cancer surgery.

We can all agree to have our own political beliefs and to keep them off this board. But I think its fair to say a public figure like Mullins needs to use his words in a way that does not make it sound like all he cares about is winning a dang game. He is in charge of some young men’s lives. Act like it man.


Very good post ! I also see his attitude to the virus carrying over and being a problem during the recruiting period which coincides with the coolest weather and parents of recruits who have a lot of influence with their sons possibly steering them away from Mullins and Florida.WPS

Recruits parents will steer clear of Florida due to cool weather? Interesting.

He didn’t say that.

Each state decides what attendance will be at “large gatherings.”

My son, the Aggie trumpet player, told me yesterday that there is not one active case of wuhan chi com covid in the Aggie band. The band was very pleased that Coach Mullins gave them credit for the win though. I always enjoy seeing gators get gigged. No matter who’s doing the gigging. Now I do hope those young fellas heal quickly from the virus, just as my son and several of his friends did.

Any chance we can spell Coach Mullen’s name correctly in this thread?

No problem. According to one of my Ole Miss friends it is spelled M-u-l-l-i-t.