And at Texas

Bull pen catcher gets caught on video drinking during a game!

Might want to turn down if you are at work or don’t care for salty language…

(Watch: Longhorns Catcher Hoffart Suspended After In-Game Drinking Incident | Yardbarker)

Hey he was thirsty doing all that bullpen work.

I live in Austin and my friends are going crazy about how supremely stupid that kid was!

It seems like the young man likes to drink! This shows how stupid people can be.

Incredibly stupid when you know every person in the stadium has a camera and access to the internet

That’s right. This day and age there are cameras everywhere. I’m just a second a shot can go from a cell
Phone to all over the internet.

The article says the catcher transferred to the “Forty Acres” last year. That much sewage can’t come from only 40 acres.

The young man needs to find his moral compass! It’s just not the right thing to do!

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