KANSAS is up 35-14 at halftime!

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What! Is that for real?

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And Kansas wins in OT 57-56!

And the Zags are up on the horns by 20 at the half. It’s a great day for tu fans. :rofl:

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TU has a false sense of superiority that may never be gone, but it’s nice to see them at least get knocked to the ground a little.

Someone posted they hadn’t lost 5 straight in 65 years

They have to win their last two just to make a bowl.

They may have a sense of superiority, but they will find out how inferior they are when they join the SEC. :grin:


Sark will have a new zip code by Tuesday night. WPS

Maybe his defensive coordinator is to blame and can be tossed in the sacrificial fire.

I think it’s to late to pull a D. Mullen move, only way for that to have worked was to have started firing staff at halftime yesterday!! WPS

Good morning from Austin

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