And at LR Southwest’s first home football game last night,

Several fights broke out outside the front gate. One fight involved around 30 people.

As police were breaking up the fights, they were being shoved by bystanders. Bystanders were also chanting things like “F the Police.

This information came from a tweet from a photographer covering the game. He said he wouldn’t go back.

Wow just wow. SMH. Just happy to be living in my sweet little town where law enforcement officers are regarded as the good guys. And no, we don’t burn old glory down on Main Street.


As I walk and breathe in every life I see everyday people making everyday choices.
Ain’t that a political thought turned to action? Must be my imagination.

I really believe(lots of kool-aid)that our defense will be vastly better this year. We
sure need more SEC level linebackers. I hope we are happy with the production from Parker and Draper, they could be key.

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