And at Bama--who tested positive? and now negative?

My wife received notification that Nick Saban tested positive and immediately left the football complex. That’s all I know for now.

It’s never Arkansas’ week.

Yep, he has it.

Alabama AD Greg Byrne also has it.

I have a bad feeling our game this weekend v. Ole Miss is not going to happen. I bet a bunch of Bama and OM players had it during the game last weekend. Thus Saban’s infection. And the impetus of Kiffin’s comments earlier today. In fact, the college football season may slowly be creeping into jeopardy territory. Hope not. But I’m worried.

So far the only positive tests in the Bama football program are Saban and Byrne. And they are doing daily testing, because they can afford it. The Rebnecks are definitely having issues though.

OK Fred. Breaking news! Good for you. Check your time, go to the Bama boards, see when they posted it. You may have brought it here before they new about it! Or perhaps credit should go to your wife. :grinning:

Can’t run that check, Larry; I’m busy watching Rachael.

I’ll bet the Bama/UGA game is postponed because a bunch of Bama players will suddenly come down with it before gameday.

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Not saying that you are wrong, but as I understand it, all players (and coaches) on both teams are supposed to be tested before each game. Therefore, none on either team should have been infectious at game time. Most of the time, Saban was only around his own players. No mention of any Bama players also testing positive at this point.

Just because you test negative before game time does not necessarily mean you don’t have it, as I understand it. There are nuances. But I take your point. Hope the Ole Miss-Bama game was not a problem event.

Most schools are testing three times a week. Apparently, Bama is an exception and tests daily.

One weakness with any test is that it doesn’t necessarily detect recent infection. I’ve watched several football games & players & coaches are constantly in each others’ faces. None of these players or coaches live in a bubble. They can take precautions but they can get exposed & infected. One or two players on a team have physical contact with each other. Their sweat mingles. They put hands on other players. They touch their own faces. Many handle the same ball.

I hope we play this weekend, but I think it’s unlikely we’ll get through the season without at least one postponement.

Something tells me they won’t play without saban.

My point exactly! Its just like Gus telling his players to fake an injury. We all remember the LSUFreek gif a few years back where the Hogs had 1st and goal and were trying to hurry up and an Auburn defender was taken down by a phantom sniper.
I’m sure the honorable SEC front office wouldn’t make Bama play UGA without its Dear Leader, would they?

I believe they would. GA gets in the Playoff, and a one loss Bama now has the excuse of being without Saban for the game, so the committee would give them the benefit of the doubt and the SEC gets two teams in the playoff (more money for the conference).

After last weekend, I wouldn’t put anything past the SEC (especially the front office).

And if UGA wins, technically Saban still would not have lost to one of his former assistants since he was not coaching the game.

Did I see that Saban had the virus in July or was that a different Alabama coach?

Basketball coach had it.

If Saban tests/tested negative three straight days, which would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning, the positive test from Wednesday would be considered a false positive and he could coach against Jawja. But if one of those three is also positive, then he stays in quarantine (for 10 days) and can’t coach Saturday. For some reason, he can’t be in touch with the team during the game at all if so, even by Zoom.

The 10th day of that quarantine, I think, would be next Saturday, when they’re playing at EOE. I’m not sure if he would be eligible to coach against the Vols.