And at Bama--the expected covid exposion?

Us as well.

Not sure what that means. I asked a simple question in response to another poster and can not get an accurate response. Such is life on this board.

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that’s right, thanks for the clarification. I am clearly not an ID doc, lol


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It is pitiful that misinformation gets spread through a message board. I guess it’s the world we live in now. It’s unfortunate

That’s like asking is a wave at the beach caused by gravity or the moon? It takes both, just like a virus and the conditions it causes.

Around Central Arkansas, from what I have seen 90% of the people seem to wear masks and are conscious of social distancing. I think Arkansans are doing a good job of following the health guidelines.

Wonder what that rate is in Alabama. Some pictures and videos I have seen from the Alabama campus were horrifying when it comes masks and social distancing.

You actually explained it perfectly with your example of HIV and AIDS. I think Jayhog was just yanking our chains or he just hasn’t grasped yet, that Covid 19 and Coronavirus 19 are not one in the same. The former is the disease and the latter is the virus.

Both your and Swine Fusions explanations were crystal clear.

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Jim is coloradohog.

It could be that teeth, like masks, slow the spread of the virus. Advantage Arkansas.

I thought this was a story about Saban having his players lick door handles in early pre-season.

Looks to me like you got several clear responses.

When someone is not happy with the answers, then he keeps asking the question. I don’t know how Jim (ColoradoHog) could have been more clear. Misinformation? I think that was really good information.

Or doesn’t understand the answer, or doesn’t want to understand.

Penn State football doctor says 30-35% of COVID-19-positive Big Ten athletes had myocarditis

Or wanted clarification on the question that made sense, versus OPINIONS

Sorry your reading comprehension is lacking. Should have paid attention in fourth grade.

You also need to learn the difference between fact and opinion, although goodness knows most media outlets have forgotten. Jim and I both laid out facts, not opinion.

My reading comprehension is just fine, yours maybe not.

Next question keyboard warrior, in today’s world, do you really think bashing me for asking questions is wise for you or this board?

My reading comprehension has apparently gone to pot, because I don’t understand a damn word of your cryptic posts.

Thanks for chiming in, cryptic? Explain yourself you intelligent being.

No, think I’ll pass. Carry on.