And at Bama--the crowd vs covid

Just saw tape on Birmingham NBC sports where the celebrating, shoulder to shoulder (tightly packed) Bama crowd on The Strip in Tuscaloosa late last night went from one sidewalk across the street to the other for about three blocks. That is many thousand. Some were in masks. None would have been able to social distance.

DCH has been having in excess of 150 covid patients for weeks. They have been warning they cannot handle that many more.

These students and the folks they come in contact with for the next few days represent a huuumongous time bomb for hospitals across Alabama and the South.

Perhaps someone else can post a picture of the crowd.

It would have been the same in Fayetteville, should we had been so lucky to have been there and won.


I’m afraid you’re right and WRMC would have been beds-in-the-halls in 2-3 weeks. It’s darn near there now.

Would’ve been that way at any college town if they had won the NC.

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Maybe, maybe not.

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Not if you have real leadership, which is something in government Alabama sorely lacks.

But they claim in Alabama that they have the best government officials that money can buy. :joy:

Alabama (crowd) ---- 99 (thousand)

Alabama (crowd) 99 (thousand) . covid— 0

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