And at Bama--so many stars!

Bama now has SEVEN 5-stars!!!

So many new BMRs and Cadillacs coming to town. Millions and millions and millions of dollars on these 18-yr old kids.

Are we sure they deserve to be paid for their “likeness”?

No comment!

Status quo. Why don’t you just shout, “Roll Tide!”?

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I think there should be a limit to how many stars you can have, but I never win that argument

You can’t keep a person from going to the school that they want to go to. ‘Uh, sorry kid, this school has too many good players, you can’t come here’.

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Maybe a salary cap tho, like the NFL.


Maybe even mercedes…doesnt Mr. Saban own some dealerships?

Need to check the parking spots by the athletes’ dorm!!


That super duper class for A$M last year had how many 5 starts?

Well I just looked it up, 8-5 stars

You have a pretty good point–if you are not a top notch coach and you have a half dozen or more 5-stars in your recruiting class–and you lose most of your games–it tells a story.

OTH, Nick with those same 5-stars will contend for the playoffs each year, as he does.

So, is it the Jimmys and Joes or the Xs and Os?

both. Jimbo stirred up a hornets nest by buying that great class last year, and Saban and Smart showed him who is boss this year. Texas and OU both put out the money this year…

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And how many 5* players does TCU sign every year?

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Signing top recruits does not hurt in efforts to win games & championships but no guarantees without the right coaches, staff, & culture. aTm & ut have repeatedly proven that thru the years.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, championships can be a great recruiting tool & inducement to attract top athletes.

Coaching is a huge factor, but there is only one Nick Saban. Sure wish that guy would see fit to spend a lot more time with his family.

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