And at Bama--party time!

My daughter in Richmond, VA just texted me about a segment she just saw on national news about HS kids (i think) in Tuscalooser having a party and placing money in a bet to see who will get Covid first. First Covid kid get the pot. Maybe hugging it for dear life?

Correction: it was University students, not HS

Must be relatives of the dummy who poisoned the Auburn tree.

I had a co-worker who was an avid Bama fan. One day I mentioned the Bama nut job that poisoned the Auburn tree. He went on a long rant how that was justified. I calmly told him we would never discuss Bama or football again. I’m convinced there are a lot of Bama nut jobs

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Hard to imagine anything but shame and embarrassment at that act of vandalism

There is zero shame where Bummer and Awbarn are concerned.

And Aggies at their own bonfire pep rally.


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you are 10,000% correct. I grew up there 14 of the first 16 years of my life and I KNOW that’s the truth. I recall the year CHDN & THE Razorbacks beat bama @ Tuscaloosa we were down there for the Talladega 500 the next day so I watched the game in my hotel room. (what a great week-end for me ) Anyway, driving back home after the race the news said a man shot his own son that Saturday nite after the football game when the son asked if he could borrow the car. On another note, my step-father although he’s gone now was a born, die-hard bama fan and I loved him dearly but if and when Alabama would lose a ball game he wouldn’t talk to anybody for sometimes two or three days.I guess THE BEAR had them fans spoiled rotten.

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Gosh, wouldn’t that be great, a Bama fan not talking for several days?

I used to go to Huntsville occasionally for conferences. I found that you could keep them fairly quiet for an hour or so just by throwing in a couple of three syllable words here and there.

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:rofl: :rofl:

still laughing

so true Clay.

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