And at Bama--not necessarily news

At Murder U, three assistant basketball coaches have taken other positions with other schools. Maybe they are upgrades, not sure.

Or maybe the stench of Oats and company was too much for them……

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They were all hired as head coaches.

Yes, they were. One went to Kennesaw State as head coach. Where did the others go?

Georgia Southern and Arkansas State.

Good. Very much upgrades. Alabama BB on the rise and well respected

One hired by Arkansas State was his lead recruiter from what I understand. He should put some life back into ASU program and then move on to P6.

It is much easier to give birth than resurrect the dead. ASU hoops is an awful job.
Can’t believe he took it, but hey, good luck, bro.

I wonder how much money has been lost by the pups since they decided to go D1? Sad…

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ASU has been D1 basketball for a long time (probably since the early 70s). There are lot more D1 basketball teams than D1 (FBS) football teams. Virtually all D1 (FCS) schools play D1 basketball too. UALR and UAPB are in D1 basketball. I am not sure D2 basketball would save much money and would be much lower profile (play schools like Henderson and Ark Tech). ASU needs to play D1 to stay in the Sunbelt too.

It isn’t virtually. All of them play D1 hoops. And of course there are about 100 teams that don’t have football at all and play D1 hoops.

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