and at Bama--LBs

not sure if anyone posted this or not, but Bama has reportedly lost two LBs for the year, due to the FlaSt game, and another one is injured. Not sure of his status. I believe at least one of the injured was a starter.

They practiced a DE at LB today at practice. Hope he plays. Saban is just trying to protect his redshirt freshmen. They have plenty of players. I’m not concerned with their problems at all. It would be nice to see those folks endure a 6-6 season. Maybe the ball boy and equipment manage can suit up. Who cares

They seem to cope with injuries better than most. That’s because they recruit better than everyone. I will not count this as serious until they have a few more linebackers injured.

i read that 3 of their next 5 LB’s were 5-star recruits…must be nice to say “Next!” :roll:

Bama is full of 5 stars. I would like to see them get beat 4 or 5 times in a row. That probably won’t happen but a good thought.

yep, but even after Saban leaves, Dabo is waiting in the wings