And at Bama--just for fun

Was told the RB from Georgia Tech that transferred to Bama in the last few weeks thru the portal is already practicing with them and is “tearing up the defense!” He is unable to play in the Championship game, but…watchout next year!

Or, this may mean Bama’s defense is weak against the run? If so, put my money on Georgia.

Yeah he’s a tremendous player no doubt about it… rich just continue to get richer

ATLANTA – Georgia Tech running back Jahmyr Gibbs, who finished third in the nation in all-purpose yards, announced plans on Monday to enter the transfer portal.


There’s room for the poor to get richer too

Yeah and I’m sure we’re trying our best

Can you start an NIL fundraiser?

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And the answer is?

and a bump

Certainly. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Ancient history actually.

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