and at Bama -- BIG heads!!

Just finished a class at the gym and the instructor mentioned she had to stay real late after the game last night (Bama vs Ole Miss) to wait on her daughter who is a cheerleader for the Tide. She asked me if I had gone to the game, and when she saw that look on my face, she said “Oh, I remember, you are an Arkansas fan.”

Then she turned to another girl and said in all sincerity, “I think it’s gonna be hard this year to find anyone that will give us a good game.”

Oh, me. AA and company could/might, if he just … well, you know.

I wish someone would bring them back to earth just a bit. However we need to figure out a way to beat So Carolina


I don’t see how you make it in T-Town (as the talking heads called it last night). It’s bad enough in Chattanooga…Tide (spit) fans everywhere. They are the most arrogant bunch ever. Well…maybe not as bad as the tea sippers back in the day.
Hang in there and keep calling those Hogs!


Their arrogance is disgusting, but unfortunately I don’t see them getting comeuppance anytime soon. I certainly don’t see them falling much as long as Saban is there. His success is self-perpetuating. He gets the best players because he has the rep of developing good players. It’s a nice upward spiral. Meanwhile, everyone else has to hope they get enough of the players Bama can’t take that they can compete. But crap. 20-25 four & five star players just make for a great team. I’ve come to hate them, but it’s the kind of hate that comes from envy.

if anyone has earned the right for the big head its them

Envy? Why don’t we lead a campaign to limit the number of 4 and 5 star recruits that can be accumulated on one team? This would develop a little more parity, and make Saban work to develop his players like we strive to.

This might be one of the best teams Saban has had. Auburn hung with Clemson during the first game and has improved a bunch since then and they get a shot at Ga and Bama in November.

I do not resent them at all. It is not bragging if you can back it up. Got two choices. You either recruit with them or get your butt handed to you each year. Anybody wonder what it will be this year. Bama is an SEC team and we are, well we are a long, long, long way from being an SEC team. SEC teams have real lines. We do not have a smell of a line. We have 2 SEC players total on the Oline and 1 on the Dline. That will not get it.

Sounds like a major jealousy issue… Bama fans are confident, not arrogant… there’s a difference.

I admire Saban and the team. They have consistently been the best for a while in the SEC and NCAA. But the fans are horrible. Example: I was discussing the deal where a Bama fan poisoned the tree in Auburn with a Bama fan. He went on a 10 minute rant about why that was okay. He was in my office and I asked him to leave and never bring up Bama football again.

They love to rub it in at every chance. There is not a humble bone in most of them,

I doubt that’s practical. Besides, I have hard time telling a kid who wants to go to a school that wants him to attend is off-limits to him. I know there is a limitation of the number of scholarships & that equalizes things to a point. Besides, 4-5 star athletes get that way because of someone’s subjective opinion. I’m not too sure that many of those athletes get their stars so much from how some service evaluates them. If Saban makes an offer, the services assume, probably correctly, that the kid is in fact a 4 or 5 star. Regardless, I don’t see that ever happening.

Well you cant blame the Bama fans, don’t ya wish the shoe was on the other foot.
Even Bama manages to have 1 off game a year, but they usually still win.