And at Bama--Arkansas gymnastics?

OK, guys, no one has reported what fantastic news we have from Tuscalooser on the Gymbacks. Absolutely fantastic!

What Fred is hinting at is that the Gymbacks finished second in today’s session of the NCAA regional at Alabumble with a score of 197.250 and advance to tomorrow’s final, from which the top two advance to nationals in Fort Worth in two weeks.

Mobilehoma, Auburn and Misery are in tonight’s second session, again with two teams advancing to tomorrow’s final.

Paperclips and Misery advance out of the night session. OU hung up a mere 198.000 which would be a huge UA school record if we did it; OU’s season high is 198.225.

Basically, we’ll be competing with Bama tomorrow for the second spot in nationals behind OU, unless OU just has a disastrous night. Bama had a 197.525 today.

small steps are being taken…scoring at an all time high seems like every week or so…things are looking up for the gymbacks


Oklahoma (198.175) won the event tonight, followed by Alabama (197.575), then Arkansas (196.700), then Missouri (196.550). Scoreboard may be found here:

Plenty to be proud of here.

So far, Florida, Minny, Michigan, Cal, OU and Bama have advanced. Denver and UCLA both scored 197.275 and didn’t advance. Salt Lake City regional is still underway. All six of those schools that have advanced were in the top 8 of the final regular season rankings; Denver was 9th and the Hogs were 10th.

Nice Directors Cup points though. We’ll tie for 9th in the nation there with UCLA, Denver and whoever finishes third in SLC.

Great season for the gym backs! We have an exciting young coach who is going to get them better and better.

Utah and LSU advanced from Salt Lake City. Arizona State and Kentucky tied for third at SLC with 197.600, which would have been good for second at either Tuscaloosa or Athens.

A 197.600 is excellent, showing the quality of the KY program. Sure is a lot of talent in the SEC.

I wish the Gymbacks had scored in the 197’s for their final performance. I haven’t looked at their overall scores yet, but something must have happened. They had been doing better.

Yep. Crashed and burned in the first rotation on beam at 49.000; girls were 0.325 behind even Misery. Then 49.250 on floor, which is normally our strong event, 49.100 on vault and 49.350 on bars.

We had to count a 9.75 on vault, 9.80 on bars, 9.65 on beam and 9.8 on floor.

Meanwhile OU’s worst event was vault at 49.450.

We have arrived on the elite gymnastics scene when our counted scores post nothing at 9.80 or below. There’s gonna be an occasional wobble or slight step on landing, and that will take you to 9.8 or below, especially at the first of the season; but the goal is to get solid performances that register closer to or above 9.9.

I’ll bet attendance will pick up dramatically–above pre-pandemic levels–next season and beyond. It’s a fun spectator sport. Gotta get Clay to attend more often. Need also to get him or other Insiders to post articles about the ladie’s performances periodically. It’ll increase readership. (maybe)

The way gymnastics team scoring is set up – and I know you know this Fred – you can afford one mistake out of six girls in each event. Two mistakes cause you to count 9.65s, or 9.25s. OU and Florida and Michigan just don’t have two girls making mistakes. I think sometimes they don’t have any.

Last night OU threw out the following scores: 9.800, 9.750, 9.250 (an actual big mistake!) and 9.900 on floor.