And at Auburn... yet another new guard

Seems Desi has more competition then he anticipated when going to Auburn where he will “get to be me”. Wonder if he meant the “me” that comes off the bench?

  • College of Charleston transfer Zep Jasper, a 6-foot-1 (two years of eligibility)

  • hard-playing, athletic guard… defends the other team’s best player

  • played 83 games started 63 (49 of the last 50)

  • 15.6 pts 3.7 rebound 2.6 assist 44% field, 35% 3pt, 88%FT

Here is the full article:

Doesn’t Zep know that Bruce believes in Desi? That Desi is Bruce’s guy? War Dam Eagle Baby!

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Well of course Bruce told Desi, it’s all about “you & me”. But I gotta get someone to give you some rest.

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Now, now…Desi won’t be Held Back at Auburn, don’t you see?

Has Auburn announced the Desi transfer yet? Because they have with Jasper

In sports, you either want to win and take your role seriously regardless of personal edification or you can choose to leave focusing on your personal interest. Nothing wrong with either decision, but you better understand the next coaching staff you play for has their own personal interest and that is winning just like the one you left.

Interesting question… It’s not on the Auburn Men’s Basketball page, nor on their twitter page. However, they’ve announced signings of Zep Jasper on 4/21, Wendell Green Jr. on 4/22, and Walker Kessler on 4/26. Maybe Sills hasn’t signed yet?

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