and at Ark -- Bama vs Ark in Gymnastics

Bama is in Barnhill tonight for their match against the Lady Razorbacks. Our girls are without their ace and are not expected to win, but WHAT A GREAT CROWD!!!

This match is on SEC network and from what we can see, Barnhill has a near capacity crowd. Sure wish someone, Marty/Jeff/Ken?, who is present will post more about the event and crowd size. I’m encouraged and have waited for a worthy crowd in NWA for a long time.

Not sure how, but the LadyBacks beat Bama 195.850 to 195.250!!!

It was a fantastic crowd.

The Gym’backs had nice rotations throughout the meet. Beam was solid and they did a decent job on bars which have been their downfall all season. Bama fell apart on the floor. They had two girls who were wonderful and the other performances were uninspired and mistake laden.

Arkansas won!!! 195.825 - 195.325

It’s understandable how bama lost. Since there was only 6,000 people in the crowd they thought it was a practice meet. They usually perform before 150,000 at home. :o

Funny, Ken. Actually Bama’s average crowd once again exceeds 10,000–no kidding.

The stands looked at near capacity. What size crowd can watch a meet in Barnhill? You guys should be encouraged by not only the girls’ performance, but also the draw from NWA to Barnhill to watch the meet.

I’m guessing they could probably get at least 7500 in for gymnastics. Some of the courtside seats are retracted (or might have been totally removed; not sure what the volleyball setup is).

They’re talking about a separate volleyball/gymnastics arena as part of the master plan, but I’m thinking at some point the Gymbacks may wind up in BWA.

The court side seats retract. They changed the configuration last year and only use five rows at floor level. There are four rows left collapsed.

As a side note, during the first home meet this year, they had black curtains hung to hide those collapsed seats. The curtains were hung on pipes with about a two inch diameter. At some point during the meet, the pipe above us turned loose and hit Wright on the back of his neck. I felt the breeze as it went by. This week, there were no curtains.

Another note. The score that Fred posted above is what was shown on TV, the score that I posted is what was on the scoreboard in Barnhill. :?:

I was there, impressive crowd for gymnastics…or a lot of things for that matter. There were more students there than at any mens’s basketball game this year, save for LSU maybe.

I think they were giving students a free chick-fil-a sandwich for attending…maybe they should try that for basketball!

One other thing that helps attendance at Gymnastics is the price of the tickets. Season reserved tickets cost $8/meet.