And as expected Kyree Walker is still undecided

no surprise and I fully expect him to try the new G league approach. Dude has some hard feelings evident for his followers and suitors. I wonder if his talent has deteriorated with his self imposed inactivity.

I don’t seem to get excited hearing his name! Let him go play in the G league or overseas. I hope he can make some good decisions wish his money! An education last a lifetime and you can’t play any sport your whole life.

I wonder if CEM would work out a spot on our roster if he decided to be a Hog for a year or two.

It wouldn’t be wise in my opinion. I consider the language he uses to point toward it wouldn’t be in the best interest of his family or our Razorback Nation!

This guy is the basketball version of Vinny the Blade… his name will pop up ten years from now.

Well we can officially close the book on Kyree Walker… Going straight the Pros.

I wish him the best but I don’t see him making the NBA. Hope I’m wrong but I see him being an overseas player.

This is sad.

This kind of confirms what I am hearing some players say as they declare to turn pro. That is, uncertainties of COVID-19 are actually driving players to turn pro rather than stay in college. There is a belief that pro sports will start again before college sports do. Simply because they can play pro sports without fans if they have to.

COVID-19 has nothing to do with it.

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He was never coming but if he did go to college it would’ve been Arkansas.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:I’m starting to wonder if the Kyree Walker saga wan’t just a pitch for a bad sitcom. I get serious LaVar Ball vibes from this family. We’re better off without him.

he is in the company of a kid who was 2 years ahead of scheduled graduation and wants Carnegie Hall as much as the NBA. Looks like a money maker for the founders and a big unknown for the kids. Never heard of this option before the Kyree link. Talent sinkhole for college recruiting.

Kyree finally admits that Memphis would have been his college choice. Kid is hard to read, but he is big on Muss as a coach who uses his guards.

if Memphis was 1 then we were more like 1A and might have swung the recruiting hammer to us in the end.

From a 5 star to a 4 star and now a 3 star. Somebody is leading this young man in the wrong direction.

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