And another again


Stack them up higher and deeper.

Thoughts, RD?

Absolute stud. Would help us a whole lot.

So many moving pieces right now. Is Arkansas loaded up before he makes a decision? Possible.

There’s an Arkansan he knows in his ear about the Hogs.

For this guy wouldn’t you almost have to “make the numbers work out”?
Unless Moody returns?

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True but if you load up at his position does he still want to come?

Interesting, RD. We haven’t heard much to make us think we’d be full at his position. You must have something up your sleeve. Thanks for all your hard work!

That’s what I’m curious about. He would be more of a power guy than a shooting guard wouldn’t he?

Just wish he hadn’t used popcorn hog in his graphic, lol.

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We could correct that misstep. I bet Muss’s War Room Board looks like something out of the NFL Draft with all these guys.

Without a doubt! Maybe Jerrah will let Muss use the yacht docked in Dallas Harbor.:joy:

We’ll see. They may not be full but the possibility exists.


Already had that tweet, RD :smiley: