And a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium

Three Houston pitchers threw the no-no against the Bronx Bombers in a 3-0 win. First time they’ve been no-hit since SIX Houston pitchers combined for the no-hitter (also at the Stadium) in 2003. And only eight times in NYY history.

Yankees struck out 15 times. Two solo homers and a late insurance run was all the Astros needed.

Yep was watching that,thought the Ump was going to help them not get it in the 8th with 3-4 borderline strike 3 went the yankees way but Glad they got it,they derserved.Javier was filthy!! 7 of those IP 13 KS

I wouldn’t have been shocked if they’d scored it a base hit on that throwing error by Bregman, but E-5 was clearly the right call; he’s easily out if the throw is accurate.

Yanks on pace to break the Mariners and Cubs record of 116 wins in a season. 52-20. 30-9 at Home.
1906 Cubs, 2001 Mariners. No, neither won the World Seines.

And they’ve lost two in a row to Houston, and it could have easily been three; Yanks came back from 6-3 down Thursday to win on a walkoff.

I’d say this weekend suggests that the AL playoffs won’t be a Yankee cakewalk. They may win 116+ and win the whole thing, but Houston is a team to be reckoned with (and no trash can banging). Astros are 6.5 back for the best record in AL/MLB and only a half game behind the Mets for second best.

It’s the sixth time the Yankees have been no-hit at home in their history, and only the fourth since the first Yankee Stadium opened 99 years ago.

The complete list:
1908 by Cy Young of the Red Sox (yes, that Cy Young)
1919 by Ray Caldwell of Cleveland
1946 by Bob Feller of Cleveland
1958 by Hoyt Wilhelm of Baltimore
2003 by six Houston pitchers
2022 by three Houston pitchers

Houston now has 14 no-hitters as a franchise in its 60 year history, most of any team in that time.

They’ll come back some,very doubtful they hit 116+

Exactly. Then the Red Sox will take care of them in the playoffs :sunglasses::eyes:

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