Analyzing transfer Justin Smith's game

Some analysis and insight on Justin Smith from two Indiana basketball writers:

Scottie, why is Justin Smith leaving Indiana? He has started and played for 3 years for Coach Miller, so I am just curious about the reason or reasons for his leaving to come to Arkansas.

Asked one of the IU writers about this. I was told Smith was always looking to have the ball in his hands more. The reporter didn’t think that was going to happen because of the coaching change - Tom Crean to Archie Miller. He likely wants to have a chance to have the ball in his hands more and show what he can do. Alex Bozich added:

“I think he was ready to move on to a new opportunity and see what was out there, maybe find something more of what he was looking for in terms of style of play.”

Thanks for the answer. Smith wants a chance to expand his offensive game and score more. That makes sense. Maybe, Coach Musselman can help him with this part of his game. He may feel he was being stifled at Indiana.

It has also been said he and Miller had a toxic relationship and he had told teammates before this past season that it would be his last there.

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