Analyzing the blowout loss at Tennessee

Started writing at halftime. I gave up, too.

All I have to say about this is what I said to Dudley in a post that I wished he had not posted that Hogs are yet to have a double digit loss. :grinning:

You could see Saturday night that a Tuesday double digit loss was coming, when that game went OT.

I think Muss should have given the team total rest on Sunday and Monday. Not sure if they practiced either day, but they need to get some rest.

Jones, Bailey and Chaney got rear tonight! They may get some more rest Saturday if Bailey and Chaney go crazy fouling early and Jones starts off 1/10.
The rotation CEM used in the Mountain West won’t work in the SEC. You need 10 that can play and help your team.

Foul trouble earned that rest.

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