Analyzing KJ Jefferson's play vs. Rice

KJ Jefferson vs. Rice

A/B LOS: 2/3, 16 yards
1-5 yards: 6/7, 46 yards, INT
6-10 yards: 2/7, 19 yards, TD
11-15 yards: 0/2, 0 yards
16+ yards: 2/2, 47 yards

Rushing: 9 carries, 89 yards, 2 TD

Pro Football Focus overall grade: 70.8 (No. 66 among FBS quarterbacks)

Pro Football Focus passing grade: 52.7 (No. 103 among FBS quarterbacks)

Pro Football Focus running grade: 88.5 (No. 1 among FBS quarterbacks)

Best throw: Jefferson, I thought, saved his top throw of the game for last. His 9-yard touchdown pass to Tyson Morris in the back-left corner of the end zone to put the season opener out of reach was him at his best. He rolled left, lured a defender into a pass-blocking Raheim Sanders and hit Morris with a chest-high ball.

Worst throw: The lowlight of Jefferson’s day through the air was his interception in the second quarter. Rolling to his right to escape pressure, he would have been better off throwing the ball away. Instead, he tried to fire a fastball into a tight window and Rice wound up with prime field position. Freshman receiver Ketron Jackson was the target on the play and he was 4 yards downfield.

Accurate passes: 11

Inaccurate passes: 4 (incomplete intended for Treylon Burks 6 yards downfield; the pass sailed high … incomplete intended for Burks 13 yards downfield; the pass sailed high … completed pass to De’Vion Warren 10 yards downfield; the pass was low and perhaps a bit overthrown to fit the window Jefferson saw … incomplete intended for Warren 8 yards downfield at the goalline; the ball was too hot and too high for the shorter receiver.

Interceptable passes (attempts that could have been picked off but were not): 0

Interceptions: 1

Throwaways: 1

Passes broken up: 1 (incomplete for Warren 7 yards downfield on his second attempt of the game)

Drops: 3 (Burks 2, Warren 1 … 2 of the 3 drops came on targets 6-10 yards downfield and would have at least added 16 yards to Jefferson’s total)

In summary…run great…passing not so good.

KJ will be the key to beating Texas. He must play very well. He can, but he will need to. It is not his fault, however, we are short on stud receivers.

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