Analyzing KJ Jefferson's play vs. A&M


Good stuff Scottie. I look at these every week. The stat I keep going to is interceptable passes. I credit good coaching. I didn’t see Franks throw too many interceptable passes. Kendal Briles gets high marks for the way he is training his quarterbacks.

Great analysis.

One little sentence jumped out at me:

“I charted Jefferson with four inaccurate passes, one of which went for a completion to Burks in the second quarter, bringing his season total to 14”.

I’d guess there may be a number of those this season, pertaining to Burks only. I’m not too sure that any pass in the general vicinity of Burks isn’t actually an accurate pass. Treylon seems to be to KJ what Evans was to Johnny football at A&M. Just throw it up in the air and watch him catch it. :grinning:


And then there’s what you can’t chart-guts, leadership and will to win. If it wasn’t before that game, it’s his team now.


That game ending first down run was a masterpiece.

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The 3rd and 9 pass for 10 yards late in the game was huge to me.

In looking at how the opposing starting QBs performed against TAMU through the first four games, their performances were at QBR levels of: 31.4, 46.5, 13.9, 90.7. With KJ concluding those games at 90.7.

I have been noting the opposing QB play will get much better the next two weeks. But, a good pass rush will tax even a good QB.

The thing everyone has said for several years that this team lacked was an edge pass rusher.

I wish Dorian Gerald could play with Tre Williams. Gerald was poised to have a big year. He was bigger, faster and stronger.

Gerald was a big loss. I can only imagine if he had remained healthy.

I agree about Gerald but Zach williams and Stewart are both relentless Pass rushers too have been very impressed with Both of them and they will only get better

Terrific extra-effort play from Warren Thompson. Feel like an Arkansas receiver doesn’t make that play in years past.


A real bonus getting him playing as a Razorback. Huge get.

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