Analyzing KJ Jefferson's play at Ole Miss

The weekly breakdown of KJ Jefferson’s performance. His passing numbers by depth of target against the Rebels and for the season, and more:

One of your points certainly applies in this old Razorbacker’s case, Scottie. I wasn’t completely sold on KJ as an SEC quarterback prior to the OM game, but I dang sure am now. I’m a believer. WPS!

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Scottie, In tracking your analysis of KJ’s throws do you perhaps have or do a breakdown on zones of the field between left, middle, and right. I see you basically do Long, Medium, Short, and Behind LOS. I’m asking because I think (or it sure feels that way) that we are not using the middle of the field much at all.


I do not have that. I considered doing it this year, like a shot chart in basketball. Might be a bye week activity. It’d take me a bit to re-watch all the throws. I would agree, though, that Arkansas works the perimeter of the field more than it does the space between the hashes.

Is that due to change with Knox emerging at tight end? Kern has had hands of stone lately and Henry is still hurt, so no pass catching tight ends much available before Knox. Or do they just don’t like to throw over the middle unless they are wide open?

KJ has missed receivers over the short middle at least three times that I can think of (One being the interception in the Texas Game that was just a great defensive play). He throws that one so hard and they have been open every time. He has also hit Treylon several times over the middle in the intermediate area several times.

My main complaint on KJ is he just seems to get excited and over throw a lot mostly when the intended receiver is open and he is not under a lot of pressure. I counted five times in the Ole Miss game including the two point attempt pass. It seems like his first pass in every game is always five feet over the receivers hands. I am really impressed with his calm and efficiancy under duress otherwise (he handles the late snap in the 25 second clock really well), his running ability and decision making on when to run and his overall toughness. We got us a man at QB and I think the players really respect him. Settling down and throwing a little more accurately is all I can see holding him back from top drawer in the SEC. JMVVVVVHO

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I think I may know the reason KJ is missing the slants,he may be afraid of it getting batted down at the LOS bc he doesn’t look like he steps into the throw and the ball is off his back foot a lot, this is JMO but he has got to to where he can hit that Blindfolded but overall I have been very impressed with his leadership and how hard he plays,he’s a warrior!

He doesn’t seem too fond of throwing slants or seam routes. I’m happy to see how he is progressing and have to keep reminding myself this is really his 1st year at the helm. Still I’d like to see a bit more of those two types of throws. Though in fairness like pointed out perhaps lack of a stud TE may be contributing to some of it.

I see that all the time. It was a great game to contrast the throwing prowess of both QBs. Corral is expert at the college level. He uses his full body and, just as a pitcher does, he controls his passes like Maddox.

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Yeah that’s why he throws a long ball a whole lot better he just lofts it up and that is the perfect trajectory for that kind of pass but on the short passes you have to step into them which gets that lead shoulder down and allows you to throw it lower… I really think that he may be afraid the ball is going to be batted down because I noticed even on those balls in the end zone there at the end none of them are at the correct trajectory… We got to remember he’s still a very young quarterback still got room to improve.

No interceptions:)

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yes He’s been very good at taking care of the Ball…love that about him!

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