Analyzing KJ Jefferson’s play vs. Georgia Southern

Weekly breakdown of each Jefferson pass attempt, plus a look at his season passing totals by depth of target:

I’d say that 35% inaccurate versus GA Southern is a bad %. Still, he looked pretty good to me from the whole game perspective.

Did you credit him for the TD pass that was called back due to lineman downfield? He drilled that one in there.

No, because it went down as no play due to the penalty.

Okay, but it was still an accurate throw.

It was, but it was not one of his 23 official attempts.

Scottie is there a logical reason for the totally out of kilter 6-10 yard throws? He’s been really, really good in all the other passes. He’s completing 74% of his passes if you hold out those 6-10 yard throws. He’s completing 73% of his eleven 16+ yard throws. On the surface, doesn’t seem to make sense. Are most of these quick hitters, creating a timing problem between he and his receiver? Is this going to correct itself?

At/Behind LOS: 12/15, 201 yards, TD

1-5 yards: 11/14, 76 yards, INT

6-10 yards: 5/17, 51 yards, TD, INT

11-15 yards: 3/6, 40 yards, TD

16+ yards: 8/11, 264 yards, TD

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