Analyzing Feleipe Franks' play vs. Ole Miss

Feleipe Franks vs. Ole Miss
At/Behind LOS: 8/11, 94 yards
1-5 yards: 6/6, 51 yards
6-10 yards: 3/7, 31 yards, TD, INT
11-15 yards: 3/6, 51 yards
16+ yards: 1/4, 17 yards

Best throw: Completed pass to Tyson Morris 16 yards downfield for a first down on third-and-12. The 17-yard gain helped set up kicker A.J. Reed’s 32-yard field goal to put Arkansas ahead 20-0 with less than two minutes to play in the first half.
Worst throw: Incomplete pass to Rakeem Boyd 16 yards downfield on a wheel route. The ball was thrown into double coverage and should have been intercepted. It was Franks’ first interceptable pass since Week 1 against Georgia, a span of 62 pass attempts.
Interceptions: 1
Other interceptable passes: 1 (incomplete pass to Boyd 16 yards downfield)
Accurate passes: 21
Inaccurate passes: 4 (incomplete pass to De’Vion Warren 25 yards downfield, ball was too tall for a smaller receiver; incomplete pass to Mike Woods 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage, the quick pass to the perimeter bounced to the intended target; incomplete pass to Woods 12 yards downfield, ball was high and wide of the target along the sideline; incomplete pass to Morris 8 yards downfield, ball was well behind the intended target)
Passes broken up: 2 (incomplete pass to Woods 8 yards downfield, Franks stared down his target; incomplete pass to Woods 19 yards downfield, ball was accurate but the Ole Miss defensive back jarred the ball loose)
Passes tipped at LOS: 0
Throwaways: 2
Drops: 3 (Blake Kern in the end zone; Treylon Burks 11 yards downfield; Rakeem Boyd 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage)
1st down throws on 3rd down: 2 (completed pass to Burks for 5 yards on third-and-3; completed pass to Morris for 17 yards on third-and-12)

Receivers yards after catch leaders
WR Treylon Burks — 114 (9, 1, 60, 7, 6, 16, -2, 5, 10, 2)
TE Hudson Henry — 17 (9, 8)
WR Mike Woods — 16 (6, 10)
RB Rakeem Boyd — 10 (5, 5)
WR De’Vion Warren — 4
TE Blake Kern — 4
WR Tyson Morris — 1 (1, 0)

Feleipe Franks 2020 season totals
A/B LOS: 33/44, 241 yards, TD
1-5 yards: 20/27, 157 yards, 2 TD, INT
6-10 yards: 12/24, 174 yards, TD, 2 INT
11-15 yards: 8/14, 113 yards, TD
16+ yards: 9/19, 285 yards, 3 TD
Other interceptable passes: 2
Inaccurate passes: 19
Passes broken up: 7
Tipped at LOS: 1
Drops: 8 (Burks 2, Boyd 2, Warren, Knox, Hammonds, Kern)
Throwaways: 8
Team yards after catch: 559

Did you include the Knox drop on the two-point attempt at Auburn in that game analysis? Because as a two-point play it’s not an official pass attempt. Just curious and too lazy to go look it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Franks QBR for the Ole Miss game was 26.9; his lowest of the season and really dragged his average down. Still, a lot better than Corral’s at 9.0.

I felt our Hogs just didn’t execute well on offense on Saturday. Too many movement penalties in the second half, too many drops, too many poor throws – the offense just didn’t work consistently. We could have won this one by 25 points, but didn’t.

I wonder what percent of the categories “inaccurate and interceptable passes” might actually be wrong routes run or miscommunication between receiver and QB? You seem to hear that a lot from TV commentators.

And the worst part of the Worst Pass, was that Warren was in single coverage, slant route, and was an easy pass to complete-safety was outside on the wheel route. Would have been a foot race to the end zone.

He threw to the wrong receiver the next drive also, in a similar fashion.

Oh well, as someone else said here, “a lesson learned cheap”.

Seems like our O REALLY missed spring practice. also just emphasizes what an incredible job our defensive staff has done, without spring practice.


We have some athletes on the defensive side; I think we’re missing some athletes in the OLine.

Could it be one thing we’re forgetting in the Franks analysis is that there was a 20-30 MPH wind blowing during this game. I think I saw somewhere that there was at least one 40 MPH gust recorded. Winds that strong make throwing a football with any kind of consistent accuracy very difficult. Just ask Corral; that had to have been one factor contributing to his poor performance Saturday, not to mention our amazing defense!! WPS!

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Excellent point swinebeforepearls…

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