Analyzing Arkansas' loss at Georgia

Arkansas opened and closed the month of February by spotting an SEC team a double-digit lead on its home floor. There was no epic comeback at Georgia, though, only a lack of defensive stops:

They never played any defense and failed to ever stop the drive to the hole.
It looked like the women’s loss to Florida and the loss to Miss St!
It’s pretty easy to shoot above 50 % for the game when your taking 1 foot shots! That sums up the game in a nit shell! Along with the wide open 3’s Georgia made which they have failed too until today.

A painful reminder of the last few years under CMA – the team is not ready to play at the beginning of the game (which has now happened several times), and wide open jump shots for the other team. Really disappointing effort. Certainly did not look like a tournament team to me…

This isn’t a painful reminder of CMA in my opinion. It has nothing to do with him at all! Sometimes it just takes a player giving the effort to block out and rebound! It takes effort to take care of the ball! Playing too many minutes last night turned the legs to jelly and no gas at the end. The game was basically over when the hogs cut the lead to 2 or 3 and got a couple of miracle stops and failed to even get a shot off be commuting TO’s! Once Jones failed out and Harris has the ball I knew for sure it was over!
We had 3 players score over 20 points and got beat! Game over and the conversation about the dance.

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