Analyzing Arkansas' blowout win over Louisville


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They have no weakness it’s going to take a special effort to beat them. The biggest problem will be scoring inside like we’ve been doing against that 7-footer who does nothing but stand in front of the goal

Every team has a weakness, Billy. I trust Muss to find their Achilles heel. We might just break their 7-footer in two…especially if he has a bum wheel.

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hopefully we can find one Jeremy…I think the big guy might be a little slower bc of turning that ankle twice because my experience with turned ankles is they hurt much worse the next day . I personally would like to see us attack him hopefully get him in foul trouble, I did notice he goes over the back a lot so maybe they will get him for that too.

Whoever St Thomas University is played them pretty close only lost 72-60. So we got a shot

No fear……


Me thinks that TB might have another SC top 10 slam against their 7 footer

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If we were playing the Milwaukee Bucks I would agree it would take a special effort. Creighton is the best team we’ve played to this point (regular season). We obviously need to play well to win, but so does Creighton.

“Special effort” to me means playing beyond your normal capabilities.

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