Analyzing Arkansas' 82-78 win at Alabama

Mason, despite having another great shooting night, only made 3 of 8 free throws, that kept him from going over 30 points for the 4th time. It almost backfired and gave Alabama some momentum when he missed the front end of a 1 and 1 situation late in the game. What has happened to his great FT shooting % ???.. Several friends wondered how you can hit 3 pointers from 20+ feet and miss a lot of 10 foot FT. I am confused too.

You ever happy? Just saying

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So, Mason finished 6 of 13 at the line, not 3 of 8. And he did score 30-plus for the fourth time this season.

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There has never been a 10 foot FT in the history of basketball. It’s 15 feet. Always has been :roll_eyes:

Maybe we all should be bragging on M Jones instead of complaining about some miss FTs . Since he had leg cramps last night looks like he did darn good

Been saying the same…team MVP and possible SEC POY

SECN guys were talking about him as a POY contender. League’s leading scorer, leads us in rebounding, general stat sheet stuffer, etc.

We have three guys in the SEC top eight of scoring, by the way. Nobody else has more than one.

Mason played 38 minutes, without I-Joe for much of the game, on the road against a good shooting team - that was held to 26% from 3 point land (Bama was leading the conference in 3pt shooting). Yes, he looked tired at the end,…it was a tough, tough game.

Swine Fusion and ScottieB
I enjoy seeing just how many are paying attention here on the WholeHogs site !!
Yes FT are 15 feet and Jones did score 30 points and he did miss 7 free throws and not just 5…
Nice to see there there are some semi-hidden posters on WholeHogsSports. LOL :slight_smile:

I can’t believe what I just read.

Love this team and staff. Haven’t been this excited about hog basketball in a long time. Go Hogs!

I’m sure poster just got confused between height of goal (10 feet) and distance on foul line (15 feet). And number of points. Adding up 1s, 2s and 3s can be confusing.

Seems like you are posting a lot more lately. You got me chuckling with this one!

Just having fun with a good team to watch.

Mason is such an outstanding player. He does it all from running the point, scoring 34 points and playing defense and playing almost the entire game. He has to be fatigued. I think this may have something to do with his misses. It is hard to concentrate when you are tired and trying to catch your breath. He is just amazingly competitive. He is doing what very few can do. He just carried us on his back to that victory in Tuscaloosa, he and Jimmy Whitt. Don’t forget about Jimmy. Sorry, Jimmy. You are a hoss, too, young man.

When you are tired, your free throws go first and then the jump shot.

In my days the jump shot went first. But back then we shot free throws by putting the ball down below the belt line and lofted it upwards, so it made a bigger “arc” pathway and not a more horizontal shot path like today’s free throws and having taller players in college.

Just call it dementia. I was coaching FB and BB probably before you were born! :slight_smile: Glad Jones got player of week! Good choice.

I hope not HamPo because I will be 86 in a few weeks…I enjoy your writings!..I enjoy everthing because I know its not going to last much longer…