Analyzing Arkansas' 79-76 loss at Missouri

Nolan knew you have to have a point guard. Most Hog coaches since him have had trouble making that happen. Most have seemed to be twos used as ones.
Black is just a freshman and has trouble taking care of the ball. His potential is obviously immense, but he is still a freshman who I think would be a dominant 3.
Most people seem to think Smith is a 2. Do you agree with that Scottie? If so, then he is not the answer either.
Ricky is not a one. Neither is Devo. Or Pinion. Can Ford be developed into a one? I like watching him play.
I know we are all in love with 5*s and McDonalds All Americans, but signing one and done’s at point guard seems to mean you are going to have a freshman at the point every year.
I think a team is better with a seasoned veteran at the point. Particularly down the stretch in a tight game.

I think Nick is a combo. Arkansas could no doubt use him as a 1 right now because he’s really dynamic with the ball when he’s healthy and can break down his man, score or get others involved. Eric has typically had his most dynamic player on the ball. When you have guys like AB and Devo who can facilitate, I like him off the ball, too. Thought when he was on the floor that he could do some damage coming off screens away from the ball and was pretty active as a cutter at times.

No concern about Black and Devo’s large number of turnovers?

I wrote plenty about it last night in the link above.

Muss did sign an experienced PG last season in Chris Lykes. For whatever reason, it did not work out. On the other hand, Jalen Tate dud an outstanding job the year before.

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