Analyzing Arkansas' 79-74 loss at Tennessee

Scottie I thought I heard the announcers say that Smith’s injury is not as bad as originally feared. Did you catch that or was I dreaming again. I though I heard them say he would be back much sooner.

I missed when the announcers said that during the game, I guess. Musselman was asked about Smith after the game and had this to say:

“Yeah, basically with Justin, his surgery went well, but it’s really too early for us to tell what the timeline is going to be. He’s still got to get on the underwater treadmill and he’s still in a boot. I think the doctors and training staff is really happy thus far with the lack of swelling maybe and the lack of pain. But there’s a long … there’s so many steps we need to go through. But certainly when they went into the surgery, it was good news rather than maybe what it could have been, I guess. Again, Im not a doctor, not a surgeon.”

Despite the injury to Justin Smith the Hogs have the depth on the bench to overcome an injury this season. There’s always an excuse when you get beat. The Missouri Game it was Shooting poorly. At Tennessee it was turnovers and free throws. The bottom line they are playing against better teams now and haven’t been under pressure this season much. Growth is what is needed. Value the rock and stop being selfish. A good example a player knows when he or she has a spot or shot that’s working. Why continue to take that shot when there’s other spots the shot is falling.
As coach Pittman pointed out we need to get to work.
Great story Scottie. strong text

You heard correctly, they did say it wasn’t as bad as 1st expected… Great job Scottie, appreciate all you do

Good analysis Scottie.
Even with one of our best players (Smith) sidelined and a couple others having off nights. The TO’s and disparity in fouls and FT’s we were still in it to win it right down to the end against one of the better veteran teams in the SEC.
Like army said we got a little more depth this year to counter the loss of an injured player and cover the ones with off nights.
Desi will get out of his funk soon I hope.The team feeds off of him. Opponents are going to continue trying to stop him and Moses, they will need to work thru this.

Just listening to Musselman’s postgame and though he didn’t say the officiating was off, I did love his line about the FT disparity “I didn’t know we were that physical of a team.”

Musselman is a good coach. When you listen to him , you realize just how much preparation he has gone through to get where he is and yet he still has a passion for getting better. He also has same frustrations as fans do as well.

All coaches are a little on edge after a game , particularly a loss and he is no different in that regard–lot’s of effort goes into game prep and then failure in executing is probably harder to take than getting beat by better team. Fortunately , he gets a couple shots each week, in football you have many less opportunities.

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