Analyzing Arkansas' 72-59 loss at Auburn

The SEC has the scouting report and it concludes that you play zone defense against these Hogs and they will struggle to score.
The Hogs will be seeing zone defense the rest of the year and without consistent shooters on the active roster likely not win many conference road games and struggle as they did against Missouri to win at home.

Hate to agree, but I agree. We have all seen this coming. There’s a formula defense against today’s Hogs, and until we develop shooters with intense defense capabilities, we will not win as we wish, and may miss the tourney. Muss played guys last night that he hoped would score points, and they did not. Have to develop them some more. Perhaps by the end of the season they have developed and won sufficient number of games for the dance.

Miss the tourney? C’mon, Fred.
Muss will adjust. He always does.

The sky sure isn’t falling! Road game and poor free throw shooting add in some early stupid foul trouble equals a loss. Simple. Throw out the socks and shorts your wore for that game and get home and get to work.
Our hogs have to take open shots and make free throws. If they make their free throws last night they have the lead late and we are taking a different tune.


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