Analysis: Wolfebarger's pledge is massive get for Arkansas (story)

agreed, she is in the ballpark to be a future Razorback inspiration for all Arkansas natives. I wanted Jersey more than any other recruit… This was such a fun team to be close up when I got to sit 2 rows behind the bench at Vandy, so sad to know that Rokia enterd the portal because she is the type of kid who could be the glue or sandpaper (hockey term) that makes an ultimate winner. Neighbors is just the right coach for the talent he has put together and I think great battles in the SEC are imminent and we just got a huge Jersey advantage.

Great article Dudley. Refreshing to see how our BB Coaches compliment each other as well.

That is awesome! definitely going to be a talent upgrade with next yrs team!

Point guard skills at 6-5 could be scary. I’m thinking one Earvin Johnson Jr as a comparison.

Or like the great Brianna Stewart (also 6-5) recently of UCONN and now in the WNBA.

Not sure you’d call Stewart a point guard. She was listed as a forward at UConn. I’ve seen her play enough to know she’s a good passer, and she averaged 3.9 assists a game as a senior.

I see an SEC Lady Frosh of the year coming.

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